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Before use any of our products apply a little portion on your arm and wait 20 minutes, to dismiss any allergic reaction.

Our bronzers contain a low SPF, that’s why you ALWAYS must use sunscreen (we recommend SPF 30) before applying any of our bronzers.

For the first day you will use the coconut tanning oil, so your skin can prepare, hydrating the deepest layers and the skin starts gaining color.

If you have a very light skin tone, use this bronzer during two days in a row, reapply it every 15 minutes and the sunscreen every half hour.

The second day use our carrot and cinnamon tanning oil, reapply it every 15 minutes and the sunscreen every half hour.

Alternate them...
How long does the effect last?

Around one week after its application the tone will start to disappear, that’s why we recommend reapplying it to maintain the desirable tone.

Can I sunbathe after applying the product?

Yes, you can use our coconut tanning oil or our carrot and cinnamon tanning oil without any problem even after applying the self-tanning cream

How long Will it take until I can see the final color?
You will see the final color between 4 to 6 hours after its application How to use our Self-Tanning Cream

Before using the self-tanning cream, is recommended to exfoliate your skin.

You must take a previous bath, dry the skin well and do not use any cream or oil after the


Apply the cream evenly all over the body, avoiding excess in the elbows and knees

As you finish the application wash your hands

Avoid applying the product on places that have air conditioners or a ventilation system, since the correct application of the product would not be possible.

Wait 20 minutes before getting dressed
You will be able to see the final color after 4 or 6 hours from the application.

In case you want a darker color, apply the product again. Do not shower until 8 hours after applying the product.

Every day you will mix our almond regenerator with your hands cream, applying it over your body to maintain it hydrated.

Apply our almond regenerator in the dry zones of your body, like elbows, knees and feet to maintain them hydrated, exfoliated, giving them back their softness.

If you were exposed to the sun use it before showering to avoid stretch marks and make your color last.

As a makeup fixer: apply it to your face after putting your makeup on and it will last much longer. Use it before going to the beach or on hot days and your eyeliner or eyelash will not be washed off

As a facial toner to remove makeup: wet a cotton ball with the red fruit antioxidant and clean your face with it. Repeat this process as many times as it is necessary to fully clean your skin. This will leave your face with a cleanliness and fresh sensation.

As a refresher: Every time that you feel hot, spray the red fruit antioxidant several times on your face and you will reduce the sensation of heat.

Hair Gold Lotion

Lighten your hair completely by yourself or make golden locks without damaging it.

Use it in the sun

·  Apply the product on the dry hair area where you want to light up

·  Wash your hands and expose your hair to the sun

·  Half an hour later wash your hair

·  If you went out for a run or you on the beach you can wash your hair later

Use it with a hair dryer

·  Apply the product on dry hair in the area that you want to lighten

·  Wash your hands

·  Blow dry for 3-5 minutes.

·  Then wash your hair

·  To continue lightening, repeat the application the next day.

We recommend that you always wash your hair and apply our KABA repolarizing treatment in order to seal your hair tips...

Clarifying lotion for body hair. Giving your skin a brighter touch.
Gold Corporal Lotion
How to use our Gold Corporal Lotion
Apply the product on oil and reapply it every 15 minutes until you get the desirable result. How to use Ointment

Apply three times per day a uniform layer of the product in the desirable zone making a massage that will facilitate its absorption, do it.

Available in two presentations: 60 gr - 120gr

Use it every day morning and night. Apply the toner evenly all over the scalp or the beard softly massaging it

The tonic is not greasy; therefore, your hair will maintain clean after its application.

Use our cannabis conditioner from medium to hair tips every time you wash your hair, let it act during a couple of minutes. Wash it after use.

To improve results, we recommend using the complete CBD line

Apply the shampoo in your wet hair and massage it softly, leave it act on the root of your hair for a couple of minutes. Repeat its application if you see it necessary. For better results, we recommend using the complete CBD line

How long until I can see results?
How to use our Kaba Anti-Stretch marks?

We recommend doing the treatment for three months, but generally you can start seeing results after the third week of usage.

Remember that the success of this product relies on its constant application, do not suspend it before the third month has passed. At the beginning the stretch marks are of a pink color, then they are a little red and finally they become white. When they have a pink and red tonality Kaba acts delaying their process and returning the skin to its normal state; when they are white, the Kaba product has an effectivity of an 80%

Apply twice a day; in the morning after showering and at night massaging in a circular way until the product absorbs you can get dressed and leave it act. Shake it always before using it!


Apply it on your abdomen, arms, hips or legs massaging in a circular and ascendant way favoring the movement of the localized fat.

·  For better results apply it twice per day

·  If you do exercise, apply it before the exercising If you want to wear girdle, waistband or osmotic paper How to use our Tightening Facial Cream

Apply every day in the morning on your cleansed face and enough product. Spread it through all your face

· sunscreen

Wait until your face absorbs the product completely before applying any other cream or

Apply every day in the morning on your cleansed face and enough product.

· Spread it through all your face

· Wait until your face absorbs the product completely before applying any other cream or sunscreen

Eyelashes potion

1 makeup remover oil

1 eyelash treatment

Both formulas contain 100% naturally derived essential oils, peptides, tetrapeptides, amino acids and proteins. The raw material used in these products counts with clinic studies that backs up its effectiveness

Use it constantly for 30 days-morning and night-and your lashes will increase its diameter between 19% to 40%, they will be longer between 17% to 43% and will get 9,1% stronger (less lash loose)

How to use
· Remove makeup from your eyelashes and eyebrows everyday with the makeup remover oil

· After that, use the potion (small bottle) on the root of your lashes and in your eyebrows. Use the eyelash potion only in the mornings (small bottle).
How to use our Facial Masks

Apply over your clean and dry face avoiding eyes and lips areas

Leave it for about 15-20 minutes

Gently remove it with plenty of water

We recommend shaking before using it and keep it on fresh places
Apply it once per day, twice per week or you can alternate it with one of other face masks

Every time you use our tanning oil, you must apply sunscreen (50+)

Then spread the tanning oil. Every 20 minutes apply sunscreen to avoid sunstrokes, and thus obtain a perfect tan.

In case you have our both references of tanning oil, coconut and cinnamon and carrot, you can alternate them.

How to use our Lightening Body Cream

Apply it at night on the parts which you want to clarify and leave it apply throughout the night

Wash it the next day, if you applied it on zones where will be expose to the sun like elbows, you should apply sunscreen

Apply a little portion on the area that you want to wax, to dismiss any allergic or adverse reaction

·  Apply Kaba Depilatory in the desire zone to wax

·  Spread with your hand until the area is fully humidity

·  Wait 60-90 seconds to remove the gel and the hair with a humidity paper towel

·  Apply a cream or our almond regenerator after you wash the skin for a better hydration, also you can use it in your daily routine mixing it with your corporal cream.

Remove all the accessories that you are wearing before applying it Is important that you consider these precautions!!!

1. This product might irritate the skin if the instructions are not fully followed

2. Do not use it on irritated, burned and waxed skin, on skins that have been affected by different conditions, or on skins that are allergic to any other depilatory products.

Avoid eye contact

Do not eat

Maintain it out of children reach

Do not using during pregnancy

Shake it before use

The maximum time to leave the product applied over the legs is about 2 minutes. In case

you do not present any allergy or irritation.

9. Remove all the accessories that you are wearing before applying it

Which shampoo should I use?

· If you have any detailed issue related to oily or dry scalp, you should use the products of the recipe line that are specific for these cases

· If you have dandruff use our anti-dandruff shampoo from the CBD Recipe

The onion shampoo is for normal hair types (nor dry, nor greasy)

If you are looking for a product for a baby, our onion shampoo is ideal

If you are looking for a 100% natural product, our onion shampoo is what you are looking for

Our hair scalp gets used to anything, that’s why the ideal will be to use one shampoo for a month, and the next month a different one so you can always notice results.

Any of our three shampoos help a lot with the hair grow and to stop the hair lost Apply a little portion of our serum on your face in the mornings and/or at night

If you have a sensible skin use it initially two times per week and you will progressively increase the frequency until you start using it every day.


Heat with a candle at the base of the jar, in a water bath, or rubbing between both hands to enhance its effect.

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